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Cloud Collective was born out of an ambition for change.

Cloud Collective was born out of an ambition to bring purpose and meaningful change to Hospitality.

We set about to introduce a new development approach centered around truly sustainable, light-footprint solutions and community-centric operation models that uplift– rather than exploit– local communities.

At the core of who we are is our belief in bringing together individuals that are the best at what they do, so that we can be the best at what we do.

Our global collective of like-minded changemakers celebrate both innovation and tradition to build truly unique hospitality destinations around the world.

And the best part? Knowing that we’re leaving something behind better than the way we found it.

Our values

Our values reflect those of a business started by a band of hoteliers and travelers, what they stand for and what they strive for.

Build the best product

“Good enough” is never good enough for us. Building products that deliver value and impact to both the businesses we work with and the environments we work within are at the core of every decision we make.

Business that protects communities and nature

We are custodians of the people we build with and the places we build in. We believe that when we profit, the local community and environment should too.

Going together to go far

Working together is in our DNA– afterall, we are a collective. By bringing together the talents of individuals that are the best at what they do, we’re able to be the best at what we do.

Innovate through action

Our success (and much of the fun) lies in finding new ways to do things– and doing them. We like to experiment, test the waters, explore what lies ahead.

We are a team of hospitality, design, and development pioneers with a shared passion for creating experience-led destinations around the world.

Michael Sagild

Co-Founder & President

Michael is global hospitality specialist with over 30 years of hotel experience. He has developed luxury hotels and resorts with some of the world’s most renowned brands including Hyatt, MGM, Rosewood and Four Seasons. Michael is a passionate proponent of clean technology and cultural conservation, believing that conscientious hospitality development is a catalyst to local community protection and growth.

Bastian Sagild
Co-Founder & CEO

Bastian has over a decade of expertise in corporate finance, trade, and technological innovation across industries and markets. An entrepreneur by heart, Bastian co-founded Cloud Collective believing that to unlock the true value of experiential travel required technological innovation and improved operational models, led by consumer brands that are rooted in authenticity and purpose.

Paul Ma

Co-Founder & CDO

Paul has been a planner and designer of global hotel, resort and hospitality destinations for over 40 years, including for brands such as Marriot, Hilton, Sheraton, Disney and Rosewood. Paul’s approach to site design focuses on sustainably elevating the extraordinary, site-specific environmental and community assets that can be found within a site in order to to enhance the scenic and experiential qualities of every destination.