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The changing face of hospitality

August 7, 2022

The advent of low cost flight carriers has broadened the international travel market, allowing more people the opportunity to travel further. Following the financial downturn in 2008 consumers are now being more discerning on how they spend their disposable income, resulting in a far greater emphasis on people wanting to spend on ‘experiences’ over material goods. This can include concerts, restaurants, cinema,travel and hospitality.

logoThe hospitality industry has long been at the forefront of creating memorable client experiences. For two centuries the perception of the ultimate travel experience was firmly placed with the top end of the industry – think brass and velvet and VIP concierge services. This segment certainly continues to attract its customers and services them with bespoke unobtrusiveness, and is parent to the two-decade-old trend of the boutique hotels, catering for the tourists indulging in individuality at bourgeois prices.