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Created for Investors, Operators & Land Owners

Created for Investors, Operators & Land Owners

Take the stress out of development. Cloud Collective delivers luxury destinations based on ready-to-develop masterplans that are sustainable, high yielding, and rapid to install.


Cloud Collective offers the full suite of development and branded hotel management resources to partners at home and abroad who share our interest in building unforgettable hospitality experiences.


Modular Technology

We utilise modular construction solutions and off-site manufacturing to deliver high-quality, low-cost, and low-impact acommodation and infrastructure solutions. Our solutions extend beyond accommodation to communal and service areas.


Defining the Market

We don’t just lead the market, we help define it, Cloud Collective enables owners and operators of all shapes and sizes to succeed.

Traditional Hospitality Development Cloud Collective
Multiple consultants (architects, designers, engineers)
Single party (Cloud Collective team)
Frequent project delays
3x as fast
Cost overruns >50% expected
Up to a ⅓ of the cost
On-site construction; high risk
Off-site manufactured; low risk
Concrete heavy; high-environmental
Concrete-free; low-environmental impact
Community exploitive
Community inclusive
Greenwashing common
Integrated sustainability protocols
Overstaffed; high operating costs
Service without servants; low operating costs
Typical experience
Unique experience